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Rush Size
Inexpensive Cowboy Hats, Made in Mexico - Hard Shell, Not Flexible or Shapable
20% Discount for one dozen or more of same hat. 33% Discount for two dozen or more of same hat.
("Edit quantity" in Shopping Cart for quantity discounts)
Each individual size doesn't have to be known for larger hat orders. There is always a "bellcurve" of sizes that will work with a large enough group of people, just like shoe sizes. For example, if hats are needed for four dozen mixed adults, order four and one half dozen assorted hats (some extras to accomodate a few that stray from the bellcurve), and a sufficient spread of sizes will be provided. If you wish to make a spread of sizes with elastics, order approximately twice as many S/M as L/XL.
Black Forest Hat

Black Forest $14
Pinch Front, Felt Look

Black Forest Elastic $16

John Brown Hat

John Brown $14
Pinch Front, Felt Look

John Brown Elastic $16

Pink Lady Hat

Pink Lady Elastic $16
Pinch Front, Felt Look

White Mountain Hat

White Mountain $14
Pinch Front Straw

White Mountain Elastic $16

Shoulders White Straw Hat

Shoulders White $14
Cattleman Crease Straw

Shoulders Elastic $16

Clintwood Hat
Clintwood Black $14
Cattleman Crease, Felt Look

Clintwood Elastic Fit $16

Woodcock Brown Hat
Woodcock Brown $14
Cattleman Crease, Felt Look

Woodcock Elastic Fit $16

White River Hat
Snow White River $16
Cattleman Crease, Felt Look
Bright White!

White River Elastic Fit $18

Shantung Hat

Shantung $20
Cattleman Crease Straw
Nice, Dressy Straw

Bangora Hat

Bangora $16
Cattleman Crease Straw
Wide Shade, Well Vented

Black Stallion Straw Hat

Black Stallion $10
Cattleman Open Straw
(Cheap looking)

Black Stallion Elastic Fit $12

Hill Country Straw Hat

Hill Country $10
Cattleman Open Straw

Hill Country Elastic Fit $12

Dolly Pink Straw Hat
Dolly Pink Elastic $16
Cattleman Crease Straw

Cartwright Black Hat

Cartwright Black $14
Round Gambler Felt Look

(embarassingly cheap "stampede string" on number sizes easily removed by cutting a few stitches)

Cartwright Elastic Fit $16
Round Gambler Felt Look

Little Joe Brown Hat

Little Joe Brown $14
Round Gambler, Felt Look

(embarassingly cheap "stampede string" on number sizes easily removed by cutting a few stitches)

Little Joe Brown Elastic $16

Ruby Red Hat

Ruby Red $14
Round Gambler, Felt Look

(embarassingly cheap "stampede string" on number sizes easily removable by cutting a few stitches)

Ruby Red Elastic Fit $16

Plum Purple Hat

Plum Purple $18
Round Gambler, Felt Look
Elastic Fit Only

Texas Blue Hat

Texas Blue $18
Round Gambler, Felt Look
Elastic Fit Only

Fixed sizes are usually preferred, if the size is known. Elastic versions fit a range of sizes, but are less comfortable and muss your hair. But, dance troops and some riders prefer elastic versions because they hang on, even when upside down or bucked in the saddle. The elastic hats are made from only two sizes, so if you are close to that maximum size, the elastic is really tight and can cause a forehead crease or even headache. Customization, with sufficient lead time, is available for large orders. Embroidery of the hat, glued embroidered patch, embroidered cloth hatband, silk screen, transfer print, and printed sticker are some choices to consider.
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